“…His very high degree of initiative always enabled him to identify new tasks independently and at an early stage and to produce excellent solutions at all times..”

SAP Reference letter
August 2013

“In 2012 and 2013 I had a great pleasure to work together with Alex Crivat on the topic of Zero Downtime Maintenance.(…) Alex’s very deep knowledge of the SAP technology and fantastic expertise in the area of databases was one of the key success factors for our innovative project.”

Mariusz Debowski
Chief Support Architect,
SAP Active Global Support

“…it is clear to me that Alex is not only highly competent but also of great character and nature. He is seen as the top expert from within his team and was instrumental in both the delivery of the SAP migration to mainframe DB2 and more recent the SAP upgrade to banking services 7.0.
His experience spans far beyond the SAP Application and well into the depths of both midrange, mainframe and database platforms at the CBA. Its this widespread knowledge which has made him the natural goto guy for complex problems.”

John Mallia
SAP Technical Architect
CBA,  December 2010

“It is obvious that Alex thrives on solving problems and in combination with his flexibility and friendly disposition this meant he was almos always the first (and quite often the last) person to turn to when faced with new technical issues, not just within SAP space, but across our entire infrastructure landscape – a skillset which was relied upon heavily and will be sorely missed.”

Simon Davies
SAP Basis Team Manager
CBA, December 2010

“… He is very co-operative to colleagues and his proficiency in network and Operating System is amazing. He has got huge urge to learn new technologies and enjoys to contribute time in learning them by self-study. He has been working with me from last 2 years now and i have never realized a situation where he failed in his deliverables. SAP was a new application for him but now i can say he is better than many of the experienced consultants in our company.”

Amit Ranjan Bhattacharjee
Basis Consultant
February 2010
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